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ViaQuest Employment Services: Partnership Development. Changing the Employment Culture. Advancing the Employment of Diverse Workers.

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Partnership Development.  Changing the Employment Culture.  Advancing the Employment of Diverse Workers.

ViaQuest Employment Services (VES) is an exclusive employment agency for veterans, transition students and people with disabilities.  VES has local, statewide and national reach when it comes to furthering diverse and inclusive employment opportunities.  Many companies, large and small, are seeking the services of VES to assist with their diversity employment goals.

One of our most excited partners is OfficeMax (actually now Office Depot Max, as their merger was effective November 5, 2013.)  OfficeMax is partnering with ViaQuest Employment Services to create employment opportunities within their Southwest Columbus distribution center and their Westerville retail store.  These opportunities include: hiring veterans and people with disabilities directly into these locations, hiring people with disabilities through “temp-to-hire” opportunities and through graduating from a ViaQuest operated pre-hire training program that allows for additional time and opportunities to gain experience prior to being hired by OfficeMax.

The direct hiring and “temp-to-hire” processes have already begun.  Initially, OfficeMax is seeking VES’s assistance with placing up to eight people into permanent jobs at their distribution center.  Job postings have been sent to all of our referral sources (OOD, County Boards, Veterans groups).

The pre-hire training program is currently in the development stage.  Meetings are being held in Columbus, as well as Chicago (OfficeMax’s headquarters), to create the final plan for the program.  The general vision is to create a mirror image of what a person will experience within the Columbus distribution center…just on a much smaller scale.  Additionally, each trainee will have the opportunity to apply what they learned through a paid internship at the end of the training program.   This will determine the next steps toward employment at OfficeMax.

This is a tremendous partnership with aspirations beyond the Columbus program.  OfficeMax has expressed their interest to continue expanding their employment programs throughout Ohio and beyond.  Together, OfficeMax and ViaQuest Employment Services will reach a greater number of diverse workers and provide them a real opportunity for meaningful employment.  At the end of the day, this is the mission of our VES Employment Agency.

If you have additional questions about the OfficeMax partnership or any other VES employment partnership, please feel free to contact Larry Worth, VES Executive Director,