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ViaQuest Clinical Services: Your Source for Behavioral and Mental Health Supports!

Behavioral and mental health supports are in high need but yet hard to find, which is why one of ViaQuest Clinical Services’ main focuses is helping individuals in need find the correct support. ViaQuest Clinical Services (VPBS) provides unique and individualized treatment services to children, adolescents and adults in the community. Our staff help children, teens and adults deal with issues such as abuse, adoption, anxiety, depression, anger, social issues, self-image, addictions and more. Our clinical service team partners not only with other ViaQuest business lines but also with schools and other businesses in the community to provide the best support possible.


VPBS works with the other ViaQuest business lines (Day, Residential, and Employment Services) to provide supports to individuals with mental and behavioral health concerns. By working together with Day Services and Residential Services, we are able to not only provide mental health services on-site to the individuals, but also provide training for staff related to mental health issues and how these issues affect specific individuals who also have developmental disabilities. These services help the individuals directly and improve the quality of services provided by the Day and Residential staff. In addition, we work with Employment Services to provide vocational assessments and collaborate on providing the vocational supports that individuals need to be successful in their employment opportunities. 


ViaQuest Clinical Services also partners with various organizations throughout the community. We understand that schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other organizations have a need for behavioral and mental health supports, but do not always have the ability to provide these services themselves. We have developed such partnerships in order to increase access to behavioral and mental health services, but have also provided training to the organizations to increase employees’ awareness and skills to manage these issues. We partner with schools such as Summit Academy and Richard Allen Schools, to provide on-site services to their students. We also work in long-term care facilities, such as Garden Park Health Care, Diplomat Healthcare, Aristocrat West, and West Park Neurology, to provide services to their residents. In addition, VPBS has developed partnerships with Dublin Springs Hospital, Molina Healthcare of Ohio and North Coast Behavioral Health to provide transitional support and aftercare services for individuals discharging from hospitals.


Utilizing community-based programs has been shown to decrease behavioral and mental health issues, and increase daily functioning for individuals. We have found that our clients experience the most success when we work with them in their own home, school or workshop setting, where they have the most difficulties. Because of this, our therapists and mental health case managers are truly “community-based” and spend the majority of their time in the field working with individuals. By taking this approach, our clinical staff are able to see the environments and relationships that our clients struggle with, and can help them to learn skills to manage challenges “in the moment.” For example, when we work with children in their school and home settings, we can help to improve the interactions between them and their teachers, parents, peers, and siblings.

ViaQuest Clinical Services offers a variety of outpatient services, including assessment, therapy, CPST/case management, psychiatry, behavior modification, sexual offender/risk assessments and skill building groups. Our goal is to always provide the highest quality of services in the way that meets what each individual needs. If you have questions about our services, are interested in making a referral or developing a partnership, please feel free to contact Colin Fowler, VPBS Executive Director,