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ViaQuest Offers Nursing Education to Other DD Providers

ViaQuest Nursing Services has a professional, dedicated nursing team to assist in meeting your training needs.  We have a number of long term nurses that have dedicated their professional lives to individuals with developmental disabilities.  The wealth of knowledge the ViaQuest Nursing Services team possess is of great value in providing day to day services as well as educating staff of the various medical issues. The trainings that ViaQuest offers to the staff and other providers assists everyone in knowing how best to understand and gain knowledge in working with individuals with developmental disabilities.  We offer the listed trainings on a routine basis and will customize trainings to meet your needs:

•  DODD Certified Medication Administration 1, 2, and 3, both initial and renewal classes;

•  CPR and First Aid classes;

•  DODD RN Train the Trainer classes;

•  DODD Train the Trainer for County Boards, providers, Program Administrators, LPN’s, and other non-nurses;

•  RN Trainer Conferences; and

•  Customized training to meet your needs.

We partner with approximately 50 Providers throughout Ohio in serving individuals with developmental disabilities by providing frontline training and oversight of unlicensed personnel who are administering medications.  We provide Health Services Coordination by reviewing medical appointments, follow up physician visits, hospitalizations, lab-work and more.  We collaborate with the Provider to ensure measures are taken to provide quality services.  We provide training to the provider and will tailor training to meet the needs of the Individual and/or Provider.

We have also initiated a partnership with Heritage Pharmacy to further assist in meeting the training needs of providers/individuals with developmental disabilities.  We can provide training on a variety of commonly observed syndromes, medications and a number of topics to assist you in optimizing your learning and in turn further improve your service delivery to those you serve.   We have the ability to provide training throughout the State as we travel to all Regions of Ohio offering Train the Trainer, Medication Administration Classes and new in 2014 we will be taking our RN Trainer Conference on the road as well.

We have a dedicated team of approximately 25 nurses serving providers all throughout Ohio.  To learn more about the services offered by ViaQuest Nursing Services, please visit