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ViaQuest Honored by the State of Ohio Senate

ViaQuest was recently honored by the State of Ohio Senate for the Hire Power Award.

“On behalf of the members of the Senate of the 130th General Assembly of Ohio, we are pleased to pay tribute to ViaQuest, Inc., on receiving the Hire Power Award from Inc. magazine.

This special honor offers all those associated with ViaQuest the unique opportunity to reflect on the success of the past and to look with optimism to the future.  Offering various programs and service for individuals with developmental disabilities, aging adults, and adults with mental health issues, the company created 334 jobs from January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013, making it the third largest job creator in the healthcare industry in the country and the fourth highest job creator overall in Ohio during that period.  Through the hard work, dedication, and dependability of each employee, as well as through the business acumen and leadership ability of its founder, chief executive officer, and president, Rich Johnson, ViaQuest has achieved a noteworthy record of service, as evidenced by its many loyal and satisfied clients.

Over the years, ViaQuest has established a solid foundation of superior services upon which it can continue to grow and prosper.  This fine enterprise has set a shining example of responsible business practices, and it is truly deserving of high praise for its contributions to the economic well-being of our state.

Thus, it is with great pride that we congratulate ViaQuest, Inc., on its recent accolade and offer best wishes for the years to come.”

Thank you to Senator Keith Faber and Senator Jim Hughes for the kind words!