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The ViaQuest Foundation Awarded Multi-Year State Contracts

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the Office of Procurement from Community Rehabilitation Providers (OPCRP) has awarded The ViaQuest Foundation with two multi-year state contracts.

“We are connecting the resources of our community rehabilitation program with the needs of Government to provide employment opportunities for Persons with Disabilities!” said Patrick Soller, Executive Director of The ViaQuest Foundation.

The ViaQuest Foundation has been a qualified non-profit agency with the State of Ohio since 2010. In addition, we were also certified as a Community Rehabilitation Program (CRP). An obligation for Ohio’s state and local government entities to procure supplies and services from Community Rehabilitation Programs (CRPs) was created in 1976 by the Ohio Legislature.

The purpose of this obligation is to provide Ohio citizens with work-limiting disabilities gainful employment experiences or training opportunities while simultaneously providing benefits to the many levels of government within the state. The program is administered by the Office of Procurement from Community Rehabilitation Programs (OPCRP), General Services Division, Ohio Department of Administrative Services (ODAS). Purchasing from a CRP is mandatory if the buyer is covered by the Law and the desired product or service already appears on or is deemed suitable for addition to the “Procurement List”.

Advantages of Using the Program

•  CRPs benefit by the increased employment and training opportunities available to the persons with disabilities they serve.
•  Government customers benefit from the simplicity of the purchasing process and high-quality products and services.
•  Ohioans with disabilities benefit by increased purchasing power and independence.
•  All of Ohio benefits from the increased employment of Ohioans with disabilities which in turn increases tax collections and reduces entitlement liabilities of state and local governments.

The ViaQuest Foundation has two general distribution contracts. This first is for Commercial Moving. We partnered with Planes Moving and Storage to provide training to our staff and clients with disabilities. This training has been developed into an 8 week program at the ViaQuest Day Services locations to ensure we have a skilled workforce in every region we serve. Planes also provides the resources to ensure that the right moving equipment, packing boxes, and trucks are available to handle moves up to 60,000 square feet of office space. To date, The ViaQuest Foundation has done commercial moving for Butler County Board of DD, Ohio Department of Aging, Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Highway Patrol, Ohio Public Defenders Office, Ohio Bureau of Investigation, and others.

The ViaQuest Foundations other distribution contract is for kit fulfillment. We provide CPR Training supplies, First Aid Kits, and mobile Nursing Clinical Trunk bins. CPR training is a critical component to any organizations emergency preparedness. In addition, we can provide a variety of first aid kits and customized trunk bins for mobile nursing or first responder’s needs.

If you would like more information about the ViaQuest Foundation’s CPR/First Aid Kits, or Commercial Moving; our contact information is below:

Derek Kinzer, Client Advocate:, 614-374-0288
The ViaQuest Foundation:

CRP Contracts: Commercial Moving Services, GDC801
CPR/First Aid Kits, GDC997