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ViaQuest Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions Adds to Its CARF Accredited Service Programs

ViaQuest Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions (VPBS) has long demonstrated conformance to proven standards for business practices and commitment to continuous quality improvement. As part of this commitment they have recently added to their list of CARF accredited service programs.

With its recent CARF survey VPBS achieved a three year accreditation, which is the highest level of accreditation that CARF offers. Having previously achieved and successfully maintained accreditation for Mental Health Case Management/Services Coordination and Mental Health Outpatient Treatment, VPBS was awarded accreditation for the newly offered Health Home Comprehensive Care service program for adults, adolescents and children.

The Health Home healthcare delivery approach is quickly becoming a popular approach nationally that focuses on the whole person and provides integrated healthcare coordination that includes primary care and behavioral healthcare. A health home allows for choice and is capable of assessing the various medical and behavioral needs of persons served. The program demonstrates competency to identify and treat behavioral health concerns, such as mental illness and substance use disorders/addictions, and recognize general medical or physical concerns. It is our hope that as the Health Home program develops by the State of Ohio that VPBS will be at the forefront of this service delivery approach and be the provider of choice.