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Technology Integration at ViaQuest

The one thing that sets ViaQuest apart from other companies is our culture.  As ViaQuest employees, we all strive to embrace our Mission, Vision and Values in order to better serve our individuals.  We have recently begun further integration of technology which will allow us to enhance and continue to provide the best services possible.  This embodies two of our core values including Creativity and Excellence.  We are problem solvers and are always looking for new ways to approach challenges by using unique solutions to provide the highest level of care to the individuals we serve.

iPad and mobile computing – Our ViaQuest Residential Services homes and ViaQuest Day Services programs now have iPads as well as touch screen computers which we are using to streamline and improve the process for documentation.  Employees at these locations are submitting electronic time sheets as well as electronic documentation of the services provided to the individuals at these locations.  The iPads are allowing us to use software to increase efficiency as well as reduce the amount of time employees document allowing more time to directly serve clients.

CareTracker software – One type of software we have been using is called CareTracker.  We have recently invested a lot of time, resources and commitment by developing a plan to use it for ViaQuest Residential Services throughout the entire state of Ohio.  We just recently provided extensive training for our employees that manage and work in the Central Region supported living homes.  In the near future, we will also be using CareTracker in the North, West and South regions.  This specific software allows our dedicated employees in the client’s homes to document all of the services necessary for them to live as independently as possible and develop new skills.  Development of new skills and maintaining current skills is a key to their happiness and sense of independence.  Program directors can access this data in real time to ensure services are delivered as well as send important messages through the system to staff.  Reports generated by this software allow for us to focus on outcomes, thus resulting in better services.  Each plan in CareTracker is specifically tailored to a client as outlined in their Individual Service Plan.

Medical Records and CareManager software – In addition, we are also implementing Medical Records and CareManager software for use with ViaQuest Psychiatric & Behavioral Solutions

as well as ViaQuest Residential Services.  This will greatly improve efficiency as well as increase the quality of our services.  Psychiatrists will be electronically ordering prescriptions, thus decreasing errors and billing will be generated from this software allowing for a major reduction in time spent behind the scenes.  Goals, objectives and tasks across service lines will be collected in one efficient system that can be monitored and updated by members of the clinical team.  This software will fully integrate our services resulting in better outcomes for the individuals we serve.

Real time feedback – Another way ViaQuest has advanced services to meet our client’s needs is by using customer and client feedback surveys documented on iPads/Laptops to obtain real time information in order to track and trend satisfaction and complaints. Our Client Advocate is directly involved with this process and can act quickly to step in and address and resolve any complaints or issues brought to our attention through these surveys and client feedback programs.  This allows customers and clients alike to benefit from quick resolutions using this ViaQuest team approach.

ViaQuest’s commitment to technology allows us to further our mission as well as to continue our endeavor to become the company of your CHOICE.