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ViaQuest, EnterpriseWorks Merge

Expands Employment Services Division

DUBLIN, OHIO (July 24, 2014) – As of July 1, ViaQuest, Inc., a leading regional health services provider, is expanding its Employment Services division with an acquisition of EnterpriseWorks, a Columbus, Ohio nonprofit that provided education, training and mentoring to adults with disabilities to achieve self-employment and exercise social responsibility for 25 years.

ViaQuest will operate the self-employment division with five highly-trained self-employment consultants in Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton and Cincinnati. The company’s business experts help determine if adults with disabilities are able to successfully run a business.

“Our Employment Services division is able to provide pre-qualified, trained applicants on a fulltime, part-time or seasonal basis for employment training, job placement, job coaching and follow-up support. Companies use our labor pool to meet their hiring needs,” said Larry Worth, executive director, ViaQuest Employment Services. “By expanding our offerings and acquiring EnterpriseWorks, we are now able to consult those who wish to be self-employed. This aligns with our corporate goals to serve our clients and continues to support our affiliation with Employment First in Ohio, a policy to ensure every individual of working age has an opportunity to seek employment.”

As of Sept. 30, 2013, the EnterpriseWorks team assisted 6,500 individuals across Ohio successfully start businesses. ViaQuest Employment Services will now be able to support a broader range of individuals and engage clients in traditional business roles.

“With a combined 58 years of expertise assisting people with disabilities, we have the business acumen to assess viable self-employment opportunities and assist individuals to become self-sufficient through microenterprise initiatives,” said Marcia Duffy, former executive director, EnterpriseWorks.

Adults with disabilities that are interested in starting a business should contact ViaQuest and a self-employment consultant will discuss the options available for those seeking to be a future business owner. Once approved, the consultants assist the individual to write a business plan and provide technical assistance during business development and start-up. ViaQuest consultants are involved in the process until the business is open and have demonstrated that the benchmark earning share has been met for a 90 day period.

For more information, please contact Larry Worth at 614.339.0852 or visit