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ViaQuest Merges Day and Employment Services to Enhance Quality of Program

Participants Enter Contest to Select Program NameVQ_Day_Employment_Services_Horiz_CMYK_Color

In previous years, ViaQuest offered a program for day services and a separate program for employment services. In order to better serve the individuals, we made the decision to merge the two programs and operate as one business line, to help enable all staff to provide consistent, beneficial and quality services. In addition, it allows for seamless transition between the day and employment services offered.

Rich_Aaron_namechangewinner_2015_600pxTo ensure the merge was not only successful, but also exciting, ViaQuest decided to rename the program, making the process collaborative among the individuals who utilize the services. We decided to hold a contest to rename the program to be more inclusive of everything we do.

The contest included seven locations across the state. Any individual at any location was eligible to enter a name suggestion. Given the large number of entries, each location ended up choosing their top three contenders. These individuals received a prize determined by their management team.

The next round was up to the administrators, who were charged with narrowing down these selections to their top three picks, and submitting them to the executive director. Winners of this level received lunch with their management team and a ViaQuest t-shirt. It was up to the executive director and ViaQuest president and CEO Rich Johnson to select the winner from the top nine suggestions.

The lucky winner, with his suggestion of ViaQuest Day & Employment Services was Aaron Rohs. Aaron has been taking advantage of ViaQuest’s services since 2013. He likes the combination of community activities, the social aspect of the program and an option to work. Besides bragging rights, Aaron was treated to lunch by Rich Johnson and presented with a plaque for his dedication and contribution to the program.