Larry Worth

Larry Worth

Executive Director, ViaQuest Foundation

Larry leads a team of disability consultants who work with corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, school districts and other entities that seek a disability inclusive culture. Larry’s passion, energy, and insightful direction have led to hundreds of people with disabilities enter into the workforce within a multitude of industries.

Larry is a member of “ADVICE,” a national autism inclusion consulting team, sponsored by Autism Speaks, the New York Collaborative for Autism and the Poses Family Foundation. Larry is also a member of APSE, the Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst.

Prior to over 10 years in the disability industry, Larry started up and owned small businesses, worked as a change agent for transitioning corporations, and has held several positions in sales, marketing, and operational management. Larry credits his success in the disability industry on having a corporate core, marrying sound business practices and strategies with the incredibly meaningful work of proving that people with disabilities are game changers!

Larry holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree from Franklin University.

Did You Know…

ViaQuest is a veteran owned and operated business. Due to our unique knowledge of the challenges faced by veterans, reservists and military family members, our Veterans Services provide comprehensive support for long-term recovery and reintegration.


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