Why ViaQuest?

Our company

ViaQuest was founded in 1999 for the purpose of managing one of Ohio’s largest providers of services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our passion for serving others enabled ViaQuest to further expand its services to include those with developmental disabilities, emotional and mental health disorders, high-risk behavioral challenges and individuals seeking home health and hospice services in the comfort of their own home.

Today, ViaQuest is proud to be known as the provider with “large company resources and small company relationships.” We choose to be a culture-driven, value-based company. Our strong values are also what compels us to hire and serve veterans. As a veteran owned and operated business, we are committed to employing those who selflessly serve our country.

Our culture

With CHOICE — Customer Service, Humor, Ownership, Integrity, Creativity, Excellence — as our foundation, ViaQuest aims to serve individuals of all ages, in an environment of their choosing. That’s precisely why most of the services provided by ViaQuest are in home and community-based settings.

In the highly regulated health care profession, the rates of reimbursement for services rendered are the same for all providers. As such, ViaQuest understands that the primary difference between health care providers rests solely with a) quality care and b) customer service. Most importantly, we understand that delivering quality care and superior customer service comes from hiring, training and retaining top notch caregivers, managers, and administrators.

In that regard, ViaQuest’s greatest strengths can be seen in the dedication and talent of our highly diverse and trained employees; individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving others in need. This is unmistakable when you look at the smiles on the faces of those we serve and listen to the words of those entrusted to our care. After all, those are the greatest indicators of quality care and service — indicators that ViaQuest is, in fact, THE provider of choice.

If this sounds like a place where you would like to build your career and touch lives, search our current openings!

What Our Employees Say…

“I am excited to be able to have such a great career with a company that I trust and believe in – how many people can say just that and share what their work means to them? I have never worked for such a wonderful company. Patients come first with ViaQuest, and employees are treated with respect, which is very noticeable. Everywhere I go I run into nurses who ask if ViaQuest is hiring. I enjoy my work and find it a privilege to work for such a great company!”


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