Supporting mental health through the aging process

As we age, we become more susceptible to certain disorders and require the assistance of psychiatric and behavioral health services. Seniors will often go without care for these conditions due to the negative stigma attached to mental and behavior disorders.

At ViaQuest, we understand the unique complexities of the aging process and use innovative, individualized treatments that are tailored to the needs of older adults. Often times, we can provide these services in the comfort of your home, with minimal disruptions and intrusion. Whatever the need, our goal remains the same: improve the quality of life and preserve the independence of our clients by treating them with dignity, respect and compassion.

What Conditions Become Common As We Age?

Depression — The most common cause of inpatient hospitalization of persons over 60 is depression, though it is often misdiagnosed as another ailment. Seniors suffering from depression may be socially isolated, not enjoy the things which once gave them joy and purpose, or just maintain a sad disposition over a long period of time.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia — Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia is often what comes to mind first concerning mental health in older adults. Though treatment options exist for all types of dementia, effectiveness varies by type. Alzheimer’s Disease is one of several specific types of dementia that can be difficult to treat, while some forms of dementia, such as vascular dementia, are more easily treated.

Certain Psychotic Disorders — A diagnosis of paranoia is the most common psychosis seen in elderly patients. Seniors may suffer from delusions, hallucinations, or in rare cases, schizophrenia, all of which require treatment.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse — Especially common with prescription medication, seniors can fall prey to substance addictions and abuse. Alcohol abuse that may have started earlier in life can worsen when combined with another disorder, such as depression.

Did You Know…

ViaQuest also offers specialized treatment for the homeless, those with developmental disabilities, those suffering from severe trauma and the aging population.


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