Home Therapy Services

Therapies to strengthen and transform

in-page-home-therapy-1At ViaQuest, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate and consistent therapy that transforms lives by reaching and exceeding recovery goals.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapies help to reduce pain, improve and even restore mobility — often reducing the need for surgery or long-term use of prescription medication.

Services include strengthening, flexibility, balance training, gait training with or without use of assistive device, lower extremity therapeutic exercises, fall prevention, safety, caregiver education, transfer training, bed mobility, orthotics and prosthetics, stroke rehabilitation, pre-surgical evaluations, home assessments and establishment, and implementation of a Home Exercise Program.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy incorporates self-care, work and leisure activities to increase independence and enhance development for people with specific needs.

Services include therapeutic exercises, strengthening, fine motor skills training, neuromuscular re-education, assistive device training, cognitive retraining, assessment and evaluation for adaptive devices, stroke rehabilitation, education and safety.

Speech Therapy

We offer individualized programs that help individuals regain and increase their ability to communicate, improve swallowing ability and prevent choking.

Services include language rehabilitation, language intervention activities, visual neglect rehabilitation, memory training, motor speech remediation, articulation therapy, voice restoration, head and neck cancer rehabilitation, swallowing rehabilitation, oral-motor/feeding, swallowing therapy including exercise for jaw, lips and tongue, and caregiver education.

The ViaQuest Difference

Ken had been living in a shelter for three years before he was diagnosed with malignant hypertension, which had caused stroke and memory loss. His confusion was so severe that he was unable to remember his own name. Ken was admitted to a large university hospital for rehabilitation, and they continued to care for him for four years.

When ViaQuest learned of his situation, they collaborated with the university hospital and personal care home to plan an ideal situation for Ken and his care. ViaQuest arranged for Ken to be brought to the personal care home and covered all related costs for his care, including room and board, medication and nursing services. Ken was happy in his new home and truly blossomed, forming friendships with other residents, helping with tasks, and pursuing new hobbies. The team worked hard to help Ken regain memories from before the stroke. Eventually, they were able to make a breakthrough by locating a childhood friend of his, sparking a flood of other memories to return, including where he had went to school and where he had lived.