Medical Social Services

Social services for long term success

Our team of social workers provide counseling on community assistance, financial resources, emotional support for patients and their families, goal setting and more, ensuring individuals have the tools and resources they need to thrive.

By assessing the capabilities, financial mindfulness and mental health of each individual, our team is able to identify unique social and emotional needs and develop individualized plans of care. We also work with patients to help them obtain insurance, arrange additional care in the home, coordinate transportation assistance for medical care, setup meal delivery and find financial assistance for medication costs.

The ViaQuest Difference

Helen came to ViaQuest services with very low self-esteem and with the feeling of impending doom in relation to her home life. Helen had been living with her husband of 30 plus years in his mother’s home, along with a brother-in-law and his teenage daughter. She came to us feeling that she had no control over any decisions, was treated with disrespect, and had been financially taken advantage of by her family members.

After only one year of services with a ViaQuest social worker, Helen was able to make large strides in her life. She found a part time job, moved with her husband into their own home, requested the services of a payee to help with finances, and began saving up money to buy a car. Today, she is happy, feels safe in her home and is working towards financial security.