Skilled care and support, right at home

ViaQuest’s nursing team is dedicated to helping you or a loved one through an individualized care plan, in the comfort of home. Whether providing education, monitoring conditions or managing medications, our team of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing aides work tirelessly to ensure you receive the highest quality of care, while retaining as much independence as possible.

Your nursing team

Our skilled nursing staff develops a plan of care, tailored to your needs and treatment goals. Through regular monitoring and evaluations, our nurses will assess conditions and work with your physicians and therapists to revise the care plan as needed to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our nursing team helps to improve or stabilize conditions, plan for preventative and rehabilitative care, manage pain and symptoms, and provide specialized care for multiple diagnosis. Our nurses will also provide training to you, your loved one or caregivers on topics such as medication and disease management.

A great example of this can be seen in our Heart Heroes program, which was designed to help individuals successfully manage cardiac conditions through home care and specialized education. Through this program, our nurses will work with you to set individualized goals and then complete home visits to monitor progress, ensure treatment is being followed and catch serious symptoms early.

The ViaQuest Difference

A Dayton area teenager, Katie, was very aggressive. She would bite, scratch and strike staff members. The provider was on the verge of giving up on Katie. ViaQuest’s dedicated nursing staff stepped up to the challenge to help Katie, no matter what.

By thinking outside of the box, ViaQuest was able to help Katie make huge strides with her aggressive behaviors. Instead of restraining Katie (which always led to increased aggression), the ViaQuest team purchased protective arm equipment for Katie’s staff to protect from bites and scratches. This allowed the team to be more gentle with Katie and created a more calm and caring environment. Katie’s physical aggression lessened, and over time her behaviors came to a stop. Katie now happily lives in a home with another person.

Did You Know…

ViaQuest also offers specialized treatment for the homeless, those with developmental disabilities, those suffering from severe trauma and the aging population.


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