Developmental Disabilities

End-of-life care with a specialized approach

For people with developmental disabilities, finding the right care during a life-limiting illness can be especially challenging. Many community based settings are not equipped to handle the intricacies of hospice care in addition to the needs of an individual with development disabilities. At ViaQuest, we have the unique experience and expertise to deliver compassionate, professional and skilled care to individuals with developmental disabilities.

ViaQuest Hospice’s Specialty Program for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities is the only program of its kind in Ohio. With a focus on helping individuals live each day to the fullest, our program provides medical, skilled nursing and behavioral health services, including comfort care and pain management.

We take a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to hospice care by providing counseling, spiritual and emotional support for individuals and their families. Our staff empowers guardians, families and caregivers to make informed decisions, as well as delivers support through respite, bereavement and anticipatory grief counseling. We also help guide individuals through the eligibility and financial process.*

*Hospice is covered by Medicare and Medicaid as an add-on service, which means it does not impact current benefits.

Did You Know…

ViaQuest Hospice is proud to be the only hospice provider in Ohio with the experience and certifications to deliver professional and skilled care to individuals with developmental disabilities.


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