Emotional Support

A holistic approach to care for patients, families and caregivers

in-page-hospice-emotional-1Facing an end of life stage is a very emotional experience for a patient and their loved ones. Sometimes moving, other times devastating – the feelings that present themselves can be confusing and overwhelming, causing strain on even the closest relationships.

We know how important emotional support is for patients, family members and caregivers – which is why we take a comprehensive approach to hospice care through our Emotional Support Services. Whether coping with a terminal diagnosis, the demands of providing around the clock care or the loss of a loved one, we offer a supportive services and therapies that are tailored to meet the unique emotional needs for every individual and situation.

Our Support Team

Social Workers
Our social workers are professionally trained to help you and/or your loved one cope with the many difficult emotions that are present during this stage. As the patient’s advocate, they also assist with identifying any needs and can provide guidance on available community and financial resources.

Our non-denominational hospice chaplains are available for spiritual support and guidance, teaching ways to cope, forgive, accept and heal.

Hospice Volunteers
Trained hospice volunteers strive to uplift the spirit through companionship and specialized therapies, including Reiki, music, massage and pet therapy. Each is designed to soothe and provide stress relief for both the patient and caregiver.

Hospice Bereavement Care Team
Even after a loved one has passed, your ViaQuest team is here to support the emotional needs of those left behind through grief and loss counseling, memorial services and support groups.

The ViaQuest Difference

Mike, a ViaQuest patient and former Vietnam veteran, informed the ViaQuest team that he no longer wanted to be in hospice care and intended to enter a local hospital. While ViaQuest strongly respects patients’ decisions, they must ensure decisions are as informed as possible. The ViaQuest team sat down with Mike and had an open, honest conversation about what would happen in the hospital.

The team discussed what his daily life would look like, the fact that his ViaQuest team would no longer be involved in his day-to-day care, the impacts to his quality of life and his spiritual beliefs influencing the decision. Most importantly, ViaQuest used this conversation as a chance to understand his motivation behind wanting to make the move. They discovered that Mike was experiencing new pain, causing him fear and discomfort. Through discussions with ViaQuest case managers, chaplain and other caregivers, the team was able to find new ways to manage his pain and address his fears, putting him at ease spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Did You Know…

ViaQuest Hospice is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

ACHC Accredited


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