ViaQuest specialized programs include:

Senior Services

The ViaQuest team is specially equipped to manage and support seniors, aging individuals, and their loved ones. We understand the aging process and have tailored our care to meet the unique needs of seniors — physically, mentally and emotionally.

Disabilities Services

Disabilities can take many forms and require specific needs. Whether a person has physical, emotional or developmental disabilities, the ViaQuest team is specially trained and equipped to help manage multiple complex issues and coordinate care.

Veterans Services

As a veteran owned and operated business, we understand the unique needs of veterans, reservists and their families. Our services provide support for long-term recovery and reintegration.

Day & Employment Services

ViaQuest Day & Employment Services provide opportunities for those with developmental disabilities through professional training and hands on, community involvement.

Residential Services

ViaQuest's Residential Services provide specialized quality, care for individuals while allowing them to maintain their surroundings and routines with as little disruption as possible.


Your genetics play a large part in how your body reacts to medication. Through ViaQuest's Pharmacogenetics program, we're able to use genetics to take the guesswork out of medication management.

Nurse Training

ViaQuest Nursing Services offers training programs for direct support employees and other professionals working with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnoses.

Veteran and Diversity Inclusion

ViaQuest's Veteran & Diversity Inclusion Services work with local, regional and national businesses to develop direct hiring pathways for veterans and people with disabilities.