Opportunity and education for a better workplace

Through the ViaQuest National Employment Network, our company partners with community based organizations, veteran services and schools across the country to develop recruiting initiatives targeting veterans and individuals with disabilities. This allows us to efficiently locate qualified applicants for positions across the company.

ViaQuest’s consulting services and programs provide the components for a successful workforce diversity environment by developing:

  • Disability and veteran recruiting programs
  • Section 503 regulation compliance
  • Incentive planning (creating ROI in hiring veterans and people with disabilities)
  • Natural supports
  • Specialized training
  • PR/Media/Marketing outreach within the disability and veteran communities

From diversity training for employees, to diversity initiatives for companies with multiple locations throughout the nation, ViaQuest has the experience, reach and reputation in numerous industries to assist with any and all diversity and inclusion needs.

The ViaQuest Difference

ViaQuest supports and is an active leader in Employment First in Ohio, a policy to ensure every individual of working age has an opportunity to seek employment.

ViaQuest believes that all individuals with disabilities should be presumed capable of employment. We believe that services for individuals with disabilities should be directed and/or developed, with the primary financial and social goal being to secure meaningful employment for each person ViaQuest supports.

It is through meaningful employment that the door to integration of each person’s local and societal acceptance opens. Through the services provided by ViaQuest, each person supported by our agency will walk through the door with confidence, self-worth and the determination to better their life.

Diversity & Inclusion

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