The Employment Services Process

Step 1:  The Initial Referral

ViaQuest’s relationship with every Veteran referred to our Veteran Services division is both personal and unique. The relationship begins when the Veteran is first referred to ViaQuest, typically because of their need for some or all of our services (i.e. employment, mental/emotional/behavioral healthcare, physical healthcare, residential, home health, etc).

Veterans are referred to ViaQuest come from many and varied sources such as military bases, VA Medical Centers, CBOC’s and Domiciliaries, County VSO Representatives, Reserve Armories, Public and Private Agencies and word of mouth.  Furthermore, ViaQuest works with/at military bases so that military personnel who are being discharged in the near future, can actually meet with ViaQuest Veteran Services and begin accessing services before they transition from military to civilian life (while they’re still on base).

In some cases, the Veteran has experienced barriers to their successful career employment…they are either unemployed or underemployed.  In other cases, the Veteran is separating from military service with a physical or emotional/behavioral disability and is not aware of the many and varied career opportunities awaiting them.  In short, Veterans are referred to ViaQuest for all of these reasons and from all of these sources.

Step 2:  The Initial Meetings with a Veteran Referred to ViaQuest

A ViaQuest Veteran Services representative (case manager) meets one-on-one with every Veteran.  This is a very critical step because it enables our case manager to develop a trusting relationship with the Veteran and explain the many/varied services to which the Veteran is entitled.

Furthermore, these initial meetings enable the ViaQuest case manager to develop an understanding of the Veteran’s career interests, passions, skills, experience, background, and personality.  With this knowledge and the trusting relationship that evolves, we’re then able to help ‘match’ the Veteran with specific Employers who have career opportunities consistent with the Veteran’s interests, passions, skills, experience, background, and personality.

During these initial meetings, ViaQuest case managers also discuss the Veteran’s needs for other services such as mental/emotional/behavioral healthcare, physical healthcare, home healthcare, residential, transportation, and relocation…addressing barriers to the Veteran’s successful career placement and success.

Step 3:  Developing Resumes and Perfecting Interviewing Skills

Following the initial meeting, the Veteran’s case manager and/or ‘Job Developer’ works with the Veteran to develop their resume and perfect interviewing skills appropriate for employment in the private sector. At ViaQuest Veteran Services, we are skilled in designing resumes that ‘translate’ the Veteran’s military education, experience, and MOS into that which is viable for civilian employers and centers of influence.

Since ViaQuest partners with over 30 major employers, we know the personalities, skill sets, education, and experience that each company is seeking. As such, we develop appropriate resumes and teach specific interviewing skills that prove advantageous to every Veteran we serve. Furthermore, we teach networking, appropriate dress and how to convincingly communicate the value of the Veteran’s military experience to every employer that we know to be appropriate for the Veteran. At this point, we know the Veteran extremely well…and we know many and varied employers very well…so it’s now a matter of “match-making.”

Step 4:  Matching Veterans with Employers

At this point in the relationship, ViaQuest’s case managers and job developers are equipped with the information needed to begin the match-making process.  As stated, ViaQuest partners with many local, regional and national companies that are passionate about hiring Veterans.  We know these companies very well…we know what they’re looking for…we know the skill-sets required for success in each company…we know which companies to contact on behalf of each Veteran we’re serving.

As such, we contact the appropriate hiring manager(s) and officially refer the Veteran to the employer. At this point, it is important to note that the companies we partner with have previously agreed to treat every ViaQuest Veteran Services’ referral with priority.  Specifically, the Veteran’s application will be given priority attention because the company knows that an applicant from ViaQuest has already been vetted and matched (or the Veteran would not have been recommended to them for consideration).

After the initial contact, the Veteran is typically asked to complete the company’s on-line application.   This is a critical step and we assist the Veteran in this process, making sure that their application includes all of the information that we know is important to the company.  Although this does not guarantee an interview, it is certainly a critical step in the hiring process.  Our case manager follows-up with each hiring manager, making sure the Veteran’s application is being given on-going priority.

Once an interview is scheduled, the Veteran’s case manager is there to assist in every way possible.  Often times, the Veteran spends time rehearsing (the interview) with their case manager…often times the case manager knows exactly what the employer is looking for and role-plays the interview accordingly.

If this initial interview goes well, the case manager prepares the Veteran for follow-up interviews and/or the appropriate ‘next steps’ in the company’s selection process.  This continues until the Veteran receives an acceptable job offer and begins his/her employment.

Step 5:  Follow–up Coaching and Support

Once employed, ViaQuest Veteran Services provides the Veteran with follow-up support.  This often includes on-site ‘job coaching’ to help with the transition…or staff training when the Veteran needs accommodations specific to a disability. Furthermore, ViaQuest will continue to serve the Veteran as appropriate…as they advance in the company or as other needs/opportunities present themselves.

In short, when it comes to employment services, ViaQuest Veteran Services has three primary objectives:

  1. To help unemployed/underemployed Veterans determine and prepare for career opportunities
  2. To help unemployed/underemployed Veterans find companies who are passionate about hiring Veterans with his/her interests, passions, skills, experience, background, and personality.
  3. To partner with companies who are passionate about hiring Veterans and to help them find, hire and develop Veterans within their company.