Opportunity and education for a better workplace

We partner with local, regional and national businesses to develop and promote veteran and disability inclusion programs. We are committed to ensuring that veterans and individuals with disabilities have career opportunities and can bring valuable talent and expertise to any employer. Our program provides the components for a successful workforce environment by developing:

  • Disability and veteran recruiting programs
  • 503 regulation compliance
  • Incentive planning (creating ROI in hiring veterans and adults with disabilities)
  • Specialized training
  • PR/Media/Marketing outreach within the disability and veteran communities
  • Analyze job descriptions to match with military ranks

By hiring veterans and adults with disabilities through ViaQuest Veteran & Diversity Inclusion:

  • Reduce turnover by 50% – saving up to $2,500 per hire
  • Reduce recruiting and onboarding costs
  • Increase speed to market by hiring trained employees
  • Increase employee attendance
  • Access to reliable employees

The ViaQuest Difference

As a quiet, awkward 16-year-old boy, Michael was an easy target for school bullies — they assaulted him on the bus, stole his CDs and Walkman, and generally made life miserable. Everything changed for Michael when the ViaQuest Foundation’s PGA professional Derek Kinzer enrolled him in the Golf & Life Skills program. Throughout the snowy winter months, Derek and Michael practiced the basics in Michael’s living room to get ready for the greens in time for spring. He was a natural and quickly fell in love with the sport. Just 18 short months after putting in his living room, Michael competed in the regional Special Olympics and won a gold medal. This qualified him for state level, where he also captured the gold. A year later, Michael repeated the feat. In just three short years, Michael went from a troubled teen to a self-assured and successful young man with a special talent. Last spring, Michael obtained his greatest prize, his high school diploma. On the heels of this great accomplishment, Michael is gainfully employed, has moved out of his group home and now resides in an independent living facility.

Employment First Directive

See what ViaQuest has been doing with Governor Kasich’s Employment First Directive


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