The ViaQuest Foundation believes that meaningful outcomes are experienced by people with disabilities when they have a voice about what happens in their life. We create opportunities and experiences that will enable individuals to obtain and apply the skills needed to successfully advocate for themselves. The outcomes of advocacy result in better:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Acquisition and/or demonstration of skills
  • Service Provision


Client Advocate


Derek Kinzer is ViaQuest’s Client Advocate. He has served people with disabilities since 2003. He helped create the ViaQuest Foundation to serve for people with disabilities.

The Client Advocate position is an independent single point-of-contact for clients to develop self-advocacy skills. The Client Advocate will assist in the advocacy and self-advocacy of individuals served in order to assure their needs are being met, rights are being adhered to and concerns are being resolved.

Employment First Directive

See what ViaQuest has been doing with Governor Kasich’s Employment First Directive


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