Core services available for you or a loved one include:

Home Health

ViaQuest provides comprehensive, integrated and multidisciplinary home health services so that you and your loved one can maintain your independence and receive treatment where you feel most comfortable.


Our Hospice services provide comfort and support to people with life-limiting illnesses, enabling them to live with dignity while experiencing quality time with family, friends and loved ones.

Behavioral & Mental Health

ViaQuest Behavioral & Mental Health services are focused on helping children, adolescents and adults reach long-term stability through unique individualized care.

Developmental Disabilities

At ViaQuest, we know the needs of people with developmental disabilities vary greatly. That’s why we provide complete services that empower those we serve.

Care Coordination

ViaQuest has credentialed clinicians that support the unique structure of each hospital setting and team. We provide Care Coordination services through the My Care program in Ohio.

Specialized Services

ViaQuest's Continuum of Care includes a variety of specialized services which allow us to provide more comprehensive support to individuals and organizations with complex and unique needs.