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Patients are more than patients to us, though they may start out as strangers they will become an unforgettable part of our lives.

When we met Tammy we talked to her about her dreams. That may seem strange for a healthcare company to do, but for ViaQuest it’s business as usual.

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We wanted to know what would Tammy do if she could. At 45, Tammy was living in severe pain due to RA. It was time to turn “If I could” into “When I can”. So we needed to determine why Tammy’s medication was not working. One of the first things we did was a pharmacogenetics test. For the first week we didn’t see much change. No matter how high we were adjusting the pain medication it simply wasn’t working and only increasing all the other symptoms she was having. But we weren’t about to give up.

One week later we got the pharmacogenetics report back and it was one of the worst we had ever seen. It seemed that all of her medications were reacting with one another. The pain medication she was on was not even able to be metabolized in her system.

We made changes to Tammy’s medications. Over the weekend Tammy started feeling better and better. By Monday she said her pain was down to a 4 on a scale of 10. Prior to that she was rating it a 12 with no relief at all. Though Tammy was feeling better, we knew our job didn’t end there. Now it was truly time to talk about dreams again because there was something important for Tammy to do - to marry her true love, Matt. Though they had been in love for seven years, they never had the money for a wedding.

So when ViaQuest asked Tammy if we could help with the wedding she giggled with excitement. We don’t think we’ll ever forget the joy on her face and the laughter reflected in her eyes. It was now time to plan a wedding.

A restaurant owner donated everything including the food and his restaurant for the occasion. It turned out he was an ordained minister so he also performed the ceremony. A large downtown hotel donated a suite and all the extras for the honeymoon night. A photographer donated his time and expense to take the photos. ViaQuest’s team made centerpieces and flower arrangements, got her a dress, shoes, did her hair and makeup, and chauffeured the bride. Of course we made sure there was something new, used, borrowed, and blue.

Then on a beautiful fall day Tammy married her Matt.

Love is the first ingredient in ViaQuest-style care.

The entire ViaQuest team was supportive and compassionate throughout the entire process. We can’t thank them enough for the loving care they offered my mother-in-law. We consider them a part of our family now.

When we learned Ed and June danced their first wedding dance to Sinatra, we sang them the first song they heard as a husband and wife.

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Ed will never forget the way June looked on their wedding day. He played Sinatra for her, then took her in his arms to dance.

It is memories like this that we carry with us. So when ViaQuest had a Sinatra-singing teenager sing ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ to Ed and June, their wedding song, he once again took her hand in his. Although he was no longer able to speak, he gave June’s hand a quick squeeze – that had always been their way of telling each other they loved each other.

This turned out to be Ed’s final memory as he passed that night in his sleep.

Sometimes it is not the medical care we give that matters the most. It’s the care we give from our hearts to theirs.

Because, the most important thing to ViaQuest that day was one last song for Ed and June.

It’s what we give to those we care for every day.

I was unhappy and didn’t want to go to therapy. After the ViaQuest liaison spent some time with me discussing life in general and what my goals are, I realized I had more to live for. I’m thankful for him and that he took time from his schedule to spend with me that day. I plan to be at therapy every day now.

Sometimes the best care has nothing to do with medical care and everything to do with simple human connection. Like the day a ViaQuest nurse had a cup of tea with Millie.

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Millie loves fresh brewed tea, loves her cat Jasper, and most of all loves to share a good story.

At ViaQuest getting to know our patients means more than knowing their medical needs. It is about seeing them as a person.  Sometimes the best medicine comes in the form of a conversation and a cup of fresh brewed tea.

Because today, the most important thing to ViaQuest, is a conversation with Millie.

And it’s why our creed has always been: The people we care for come first.

ViaQuest Hospice nurses deserve a pat on the back and their Volunteer Coordinator has been a hidden gem in the care for my wife. Today they made her feel like the princess she is and she is cheerful, happy and laughing. Thank you for caring not only for her physical state but her emotional state too.

We helped determine the right combination of medicines to allow Michael and his beloved wife Joyce remain together in their assisted living facility. A couple that should never be parted.

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Michael and Joyce had not spent a night apart since their wedding day 63 years ago. So when Michael needed extra care, they both moved together to an assisted living. As Michael’s Dementia progressed, his personality began to change. Going from a gentle, happy, loving spirit to an aggressive, combative person.

ViaQuest got a call from Michael’s son telling us that the assisted living where Michael and Joyce lived decided that they would have to move Michael to a skilled facility separating him from his beloved wife. ViaQuest immediately met with the assisted living, asking them to give ViaQuest a chance to properly diagnose the behavioral changes. Through our Pharmacogenetics Program we determined Michael’s reaction to medications was causing the aggression. We created a personalized plan for Michael. In just a short period of time, he once again became the gentle, loving person he had been.

Because today, the most important thing to ViaQuest, is Michael and Joyce remaining together, just like they've been for 63 years.

We take care above and beyond what’s expected. We find a way to do what’s right, what’s really needed.

When Marvin was feeling lost because of his illness, we helped light up his world.

Marvin always found joy in the most simple things in life. The love of his beautiful wife, who he lost last year, his three amazing children, and his artwork.

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When ViaQuest determined Marvin was not going to get better, that his illness was life-limiting, our goal became to look beyond his physical needs. Now it was about giving him days when life could still triumph over illness. Days that would let Marvin feel like more than someone with an illness. Sometimes the best care is more than treating pain or physical symptoms. To us, it is always much more.

So when a ViaQuest team learned Marvin was once quite the artist, an artist whose biggest joy was creating posters for his local senior center, it was time to bring Marvin’s joy back. It was time for Marvin to be, once again, Marvin the artist.

On a sunny fall day Marvin got new art supplies. Soon a new poster was hanging on the wall behind his favorite chair. “God has given me a reason to keep going and I get more creative with each one I make. Look! There’s even battery operated strands of lights on these posters. I still have a lot to do!” Marvin the artist told us with pride.

Yes, it’s the small things in life. And knowing that sometimes the best outcome of the care we deliver is a poster hung with lights.

We have a true and noble purpose, to improve the quality of life and bring comfort, peace, and even joy to those we serve.

Bob isn’t your average 40-year-old, until 3 years ago he still lived with his parents. Bob has Cerebral Palsy. But like all of us, he has things that he likes and dislikes. He loves trains, and has 3 train tracks, he loves spaghetti and can eat it any time of day, and he doesn’t like when people don’t try to communicate with him at all.

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Moving out on his own was a big move, because he needs 24-hour care and can’t speak. It’s very difficult for him to make his needs known, especially if people don’t care enough to try to understand. Because communicating with Bob takes effort, previous caregivers disregarded Bob’s likes and dislikes and made all the daily decisions on their own.

Bob started getting unexplained injuries, a black eye, bruises, even a fractured leg. He would be left alone in the mall, or at home for hours. One time he was even left on his back patio with the door closed while everyone else was inside. Bob started sulking, lost his sense of humor, and dropped to 87 pounds. Bob’s parents knew they needed to make a change, but were afraid.

Then they called ViaQuest. When we learned about Bob, we knew it was time to give Bob his life back. And it was time for Bob’s parents to hear his laugh again and have a bit of time they could call their own. So we looked beyond determining the care we needed to provide to find once again the Bob beyond his disability. It didn’t take much to help Bob get his self-esteem back, just a bit of love and respect. It didn’t take much to help Bob find some independence, just a little encouragement and getting him to believe he could. It didn’t take much to hear Bob laugh again, just a girlfriend named Robyn and making it possible for them to spend four days on Lake Erie.

That was the first time that Bob had ever had a vacation without his parents. Sometimes the best care is looking beyond a patient’s disability or illness to see the person inside.

When we say we put our patients first, we mean they come above all else, they are the very reason for our existence.

My friend Sheri was a wonderful story teller and everyone enjoyed listening to her talk about things she had done or things that were funny as she could make a story so interesting and also funny. I am going to try and tell you a story about my best friend Sheri.

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Sheri and I had been friends for close to 20 years and during that 20 years we only had one time we were upset with one another. She was as close to me as any sister could be, in fact our maiden name was the same and we were not even related, at least no one told us we were. We constantly said that we were sure we were somehow related and she said someday she was going to find out because we were too much alike.

Sheri had a big heart and was always ready to help someone in need. She herself could do just about anything, so she was able to help others. We loved to take little trips together or get a bus load of basket collectors and go to Dresden Ohio for a day of laughing and shopping. She would have us all in stitches on the bus ride there and back. She was also someone who loved to play jokes on people and my husband was one of her targets and he fell for it every time. Sheri and I talked to each other every night before we went to bed even if we didn’t have any news and that is just the way we were.

When we found out about Sheri’s cancer I was with her and I would go to the doctor with her and sit at the hospital and when it was time to go home I picked her up and took her home. I will never forget the time she wanted to talk about dying and I started crying as I was driving down the street and she said be quiet this is about me not you, and we both looked at one another and busted out laughing, that is just the way we were.

When the doctor told Sheri that she should go home and get her affairs in order and think about Hospice the first thing she said was call Rich, I want ViaQuest. She said I am sure knowing him it will be the best. I went right home and called and he got right on it and within an hour they called Sheri to set up a time to visit with her and her daughters. When I called her she was on a high, she could not quit talking about what all Hospice did and how great the person who came to see her. In the days that followed Sheri enjoyed the visit from the Chaplain and the nurse and looked forward to them coming.

As time went on and her condition worsened she still talked to me about the excellent care and comfort they gave her. Her daughters loved the nurses and had come to think of them as family.

On the day that Sheri went to heaven I got there about 15 minutes later and she looked so peaceful and I know it in part had to do with the care she got from Hospice. In a few minutes the Chaplain arrived and then the nurse, they were such a comfort to all of us. They prayed with us, cried and laughed with us as we told stories.

The day of the celebration for Sheri, I looked up and there came the Chaplain and the nurse to celebrate with us. The time they took to come and be with us meant so much to us. I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing job those Hospice angels did for us. I know in my heart that they were her angels caring for her.

We believe in improving the quality of life, in recapturing moments that matter most.

So we’re there with comfort, with caring,
with doing what it takes to make each
day better. Whether that’s controlling
symptoms, managing pain, or simply helping
you regain the world outside your illness.

Love is Powerful, it’s what makes us ViaQuest

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