Support for a brighter future

ViaQuest’s Recovery and Reintegration of Veterans with TBI Program (RRVT) and Recovery and Reintegration of Veterans with PTSD Program (RRVP) are full-service reintegration programs that enable veterans with TBI and/or PTSD to receive the support and services necessary to secure, select and maintain career and community-based employment following their separation from the military.

Our RRVT/RRVP programs are the first of their kind in that they have the ability to offer all five components needed for long-term recovery and reintegration for veterans suffering from TBI, PTSD and major depression. Furthermore, these services are available to all veterans, reservists and military families, so that everyone affected has the support that they need. Program capabilities include:

  • Healthcare Services (physical, emotional, mental, behavioral)
  • Educational Services (vocational training, continuing education, certificating/licensing)
  • Pre-Employment Services (preparation, selection, placement)
  • Post-Employment Services (job coaching, case management)
  • Residential Services (housing, home-based supports, transportation)